Fifteen Reasons You Need This Essential but Useless Spoon

Discover the covered spoon. Discover yourself.

What is a Government Shutdown?

And what does it mean for you?

Guide to Great Books

Isabella breaks down four books to read for your next book report–or for fun!


Student Teacher 6 – Student Council

Mitch and Mr. Taylor talk politics.

Student Teacher 5 – International

It’s not easy starting at a new school. Especially in a new country.

Student Teacher 4 – Midterms

Breaking down the best ways to assess students.

Student Teacher 3: Election Edition

An Election Day special, talkin’ politics.

Student Teacher 2: Small Fish

It’s tough being the little guy in a big school.

News Show

Austin in Focus 405 – Spirit Week

Halloween, dodgeball, and the horses the seniors met on the Day of Service.

Austin in Focus 404 – Open House

Shot with prospective students and parents staring at us at Open House.

Austin in Focus 403 – Dress Up Like a Teacher

Katie Koestner’s presentation, choreography to I Am Malala, and a Halloween-themed Question of the Week.

Austin in Focus 402 – Freshman Election

Freshman elections, Big Brother, and our new schedule highlight this fortnight. Anchor, Producer: Kate Horgan Editing: Kate Horgan, Tyler Walsh, Marie Mellor, Mary Hueston, Stan Alger Cinematography: Jill Sanford, Dara Syed, Mary Hueston, Gaby Estabrooks,...

Austin in Focus 401 – Summit Debut

Convocation, new faculty, and clubs highlight our Season Four debut.


Fifteen Reasons You Need This Essential but Useless Spoon

Discover the covered spoon. Discover yourself.

Sage Dining Review

Is today a pizza day?

Songs NOT to Study to

If you want to be studious, avoid these songs.

Middle School Super Bowl Preview

by Jonathan Burke, Jack Klovee This year the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will play each other in Super Bowl 52. This is the second straight year that the patriots have gone to the super bowl. Last year, the Patriots stunned the Falcons overcoming...

Creative Writing – Club Spotlight

Craft stories, poems, and characters!


Out of the Ordinary

A surreal, distorted view of reality.

World in Grey

My favorite people, places, pets and things in my favorite color.

Lacrosse Workout

Photos of an off-season workout session.

Purple Flower

Beauty grows in many places.

First Club Day Photos

Camera training for APS Media’s newest members.