by Jill Sanford ’17 (Photography Project for Filmmaking Class)

The theme of my photography series is surrealism- everything is out of the ordinary. I chose this theme because I felt that it would allow me to manipulate all sorts of creative variables into making the pictures seem different and interesting. Each photo connects to this theme through their vibrant and distorted sense of reality. Throughout each photo, a certain augmentation of real life is shown, adding to a sort of eerie undertone to the whole series.

In He Need The Milk,The composition is made of my friend, Donovan, posing in front of a bottle of milk in the middle of the woods. The fact that there is a random carton of milk in the middle of the woods, along with Donovan’s reaction and pose, add to an augmentation of reality and a distortion to what is real. The shot is taken from a slightly high angle- looking down onto the subject and the milk carton- and is also taken at a 45° angle. I decided to take the shot from this skewed angle to further emphasis distortion and surrealism.

The photo Clorox was achieved using a low shutter speed and a high aperture. I was nervous about using a low shutter speed at first, but this quickly went away after realizing this wouldn’t affect the composition considering nothing is in movement. In using a high aperture, everything in the shot is in focus. The depth of field, thanks to the aperture being high, is the way I wanted it to be: wide. The wide depth of field allows the audience to see that all items in the shot are food staples, other than the Clorox (which plays the role as the surreal object.) the ISO was neither low nor high in this photo, so there is no unwanted fuzz in the photo or darkness.

Depth of field, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO were things that I had a lot of fun playing around with in my photos. I noticed that shutter speed and aperture would both automatically change their parameters depending on lighting (this took me a while to realize.) It also took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that the red bars on either sides of the shutter speed and aperture were to show you where the image would start to look bad given the lighting. With this in mind, it was much easier to take the images I took and achieve settings I was happy with. Using low shutter speed would be complemented by high aperture, and visa versa. ISO would only be used when necessary (which wasn’t all that much.)

The edits taken to my photos was to effect the saturation and highlights of photos. By adding more saturation and vibrancy, I felt that i was adding a certain amount of further surrealism to the pictures. The photo with my eye was taken with much more saturation than was originally in the photo. This allowed the paint to look like a different color than my skin tone, and allowed my eye color to pop as well.

I am proud with what my project turned out as, but I still resent not being able to use my shopping cart.