by Ellie Walsh (Photography Project for Filmmaking Class)

The theme of my photography series was Grey.  Grey is my favorite color.  I was inspired by all my favorite people, places, things (dogs) that worked so well with that color.  I started taking tons of pictures of just grey objects.  Then I narrowed it down to the ones I thought worked best with my theme.  My pictures are tied together by their colors, not their image.

One of my photos with a person in it is my sister Abby standing in the doorway.  I used an eye-level angle and it was a medium shot. Abby is in focus and in the middle of the picture.  I made sure the background was dark so that Abby stood out.

One of my favorite photos in the series is the marble phone against the marble wall.  The room that I was in was pretty dark, so I made sure that my aperture was very low so more light could get in through the lens.  My shutter speed had to be pretty fast because the phone was sliding against the marble and I did not want to have motion blur.  I set my ISO so the hand and phone would be clear and in focus.

A photo where I created a shallow depth of field is the one of my dog, Boomer.  This made the background blurred and Boomer stand out.  My aperture was medium because I had some natural light coming through.  My shutter speed was very fast because Boomer kept moving. The ISO was very important to this photo because it made the subject in the foreground focused and the background unfocused.

Photoshop was very helpful in editing my photos.  I was able to adjust the lighting so my pictures looked sharper.  I also used the same color filters for all of my pictures in order for them to be more cohesive.

If I could change one photo it would be the one of the Jeep.  I would have like to have had the background more out of focus.