Creative Writing – Club Spotlight

by Arianna Shalhoub

Welcome to our Club Spotlight! This segment interviews the members and moderators of your favorite Austin clubs. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new interest or hobby after reading.

This week, we interviewed the Creative Writing club. It is run by Mrs. Putney on Mondays of A-Week. This club is open to middle school students. In this club, writers will work on stories, poems, and character designing. If you absolutely need to see these amazing works, then don’t worry! The middle school literary magazine will include all of the amazing pieces created every meeting.

Mrs. Putney started this club this year as an opportunity to freely write for fun. Over 40 members joined because they wanted to improve on their writing and creativity, to practice for their school writing projects, and of course, to have fun writing with their friends. Mrs. Putney also mentioned that there is a separate branch of children’s book writing with Ms. Lenci.

Remember, don’t be afraid to try new clubs in the new semester!