Songs NOT to Study to

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by Marie Mellor

Warning! Some titles on this list are explicit. Listen at your own risk. Go study instead. No one’s making you do this.

Music, some people enjoy it, others not so much. Personally, I listen to music no matter what I’m doing: studying, chores, driving, walking around aimlessly. But there are a few songs that are near impossible to do anything while listening to them, especially studying. Here are (my) three songs and a genre to avoid while studying.

Side Note: These songs are to my select music taste which is commonly disliked by the general majority of high school students.

Gunfight by Sick Puppies

Personally, I happen to like this song and the band quite a bit. It’s a good song with some genuinely funny lyrics, but listening to this song, I get nothing done. I find it hard to listen to these lyrics and think of anything else I’m doing just because the way the song goes. The way the song goes is that the singer (Shimon Moore) sounds more like he is talking than singing which makes the listener pay more attention to the song rather than what else they may be trying to focus on.

Goliath By Butcher Babies

Butcher Babies as a band has a very distinct style, loud and angry. The song Goliath is what one might call a distracting song. It’s aggressive and loud and definitely one of the worst songs to listen to when trying to do anything productive. When it starts it just hits really hard in the beginning and makes focusing extremely hard.

American Pie By Don McLean

American Pie is one of those songs that tells a story, this song in particularly references “the day the music died.” This was the plane crash on February 3rd, 1959, that took the lives of American rock and roll musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. Richardson, the plane went down near Clear Lake, Iowa. While is this an amazing song with a fantastic message, it can be found distracting if you’re listening to it and focusing on the story it’s telling and not focusing on school work.

Show tunes; Various Artists

While we all love a good show tune once and a while they are impossible to listen to while studying. When a song is from a movie, TV show or musical, people tend to picture what goes on during when the song was played the first time or they sing along. Sorry for all you Hamilton fans out there but maybe listening to the soundtrack while doing your homework isn’t the greatest idea (unless of course, you’re doing American history).